It is a 3D pinball with sound and animation effects in an Arabian environment
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Jinni Zeala is one of the 3D pinball versions of Littlewing games. It includes great sound and animation effects in an Arabian environment. In order to play you have to activate the plunger to shoot the ball and utilize the left/right flippers to avoid the ball from falling. Sometimes it helps if you nudge the table to the left, right or center. There are five bonus stages (Palace, Cave, Felucca, Oasis, and Zeala) each bonus stage has its own bonus scoring and sound effects. When shooting to the Palace or Oasis holes for a set of 5 times, the quick multiball mode is activated, this allows you to increase your score more. In order to activate any bonus stage you have to hit the drop targets and sink the ball into the hole associated with its item. After completing the five bonus stages, the flying harem bonus stage will be activated, and you will see the fortuneteller. Other interesting items are the Anita loop and Bonita orbit that activate the multiball mode. The Votex gate allows you to obtain extra balls. The options you can set are sound, music, animation, and key controls. OS supported: Mac and Windows.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • It is a really fun and entertaining 3D pinball game


  • You can play all the bonus stages at the same time but it can be a little confusing
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